Stealthy jack who carries a quiver (Tier 2)


Tier 2
Effort 2
XP 1
Might Pool 13, Edge 0
Speed Pool 17, Edge 2
Intellect Pool 12, Edge 1
Armour +2 (micromesh)
Defence training: Trained in all Might and Speed defence tasks.
Cypher Use: Can carry 2 cyphers
Practiced with medium and light weapons
Flex skill
Skills: Trained in:

  • riding and flying tasks (Tier 1 XP)
  • all stealthy tasks (descriptor)
  • all interactions involving lies and trickery (descriptor)
  • all esoteries or special abilities involving illusions or trickery (descriptor)
  • all interactions involving leadership and giving commands (Tier 2 type)
  • making arrows (Tier 1 focus)
  • making bows (Tier 2 focus)

Familiarity: +1 to rolls with all tasks involving Mother Siran’s cubehead guards (Tier 1 XP)
Inability: Difficulty of movement-related tasks is one step higher (descriptor)
Archer: Spend points from either Speed or Intellect pools to apply levels of Effort to increase bow damage (Tier 1 focus).
Covering Fire (1 Speed point): In a round where you fire your bow, if you fire an additional arrow, the difficulty of attacks and special abilities used by the target is increased by one step. Enabler (Tier 2 focus)
Pierce (1 Speed point): +1 damage to ranged attack with sharp point (Tier 1 type)
Skill with defence: Trained in Might and Speed defence tasks (Tier 1 type)
Experienced Adventurer: When you use a noncombat skill successfully, if you didn’t roll a natural 19 or 20, you can apply a level of Effort (after the roll) to get a minor special effect. Enabler (Tier 2 type).


  • knife (light; 2 damage)
  • handaxe (medium; 4 damage)
  • bow (medium; 4 damage)
  • arrows: ••••• ••••
  • clothing
  • micromesh armour (light; +2)
  • explorer’s pack
  • 32 shins


  • hunter/seeker (level 4): Attacks an additional 4 times until it hits its target. Inflicts 8 damage.
  • Friction-reducing gel (level 1): Makes a 10-foot square area very slippery for one hour Difficulty of movement tasks increases by 3 steps.


  • hover board (level 2; depletion 1-2 in 1d100; once used, needs 1 hour to recharge; similar to Windrider, N315)
  • slugspitter (5 Damage; depletion 1-2 in 1d100; drains 2 points of Intellect, N313)


  • Brass device with nested circular plates that rotate and click
  • Glass cube that shows what seems to be a live 3D holographic representation of an unknown, ruined city


  • Jack Background: School of Hard Knocks. You learned your skills the hard way.
  • Jack Connection: You came of age in the wild and are used to living rough.
  • Focus Connection: Your mentor, Bazad, gave you the excellent bow that you currently use.
  • Initial Link to Starting Adventure: You attempted to steal from someone but got caught.


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