Ultradimensional being

A tall, cloaked, headless being with a large jewel set between its broad shoulders. It (they?) seems to have an arrangement with Hemaris of Beanstalk, whereby Hemaris presumably receives medical tech in exchange for the occasional abductee from Beanstalk.

The games that Hemaris runs from his popular den in Beanstalk seem to have some connection to the being. Perhaps it uses the numenera device through which the game is played to screen potential candidates for abduction.

In this way, Narashu was abducted, and seemed to be absorbed somehow into an extradimensional prison within the being's body, although he narrowly managed to escape before the being could return with him to its own dimension. What purpose the being might have and what would have happened if Narashu hadn't escaped remain unclear.


Ultradimensional being

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